Meetings & Presentations

January 2022

Healthy Consumption for Healthy Living Towards a Healthy Planet

By Mrs Kanchana Weerakoon

January 2022

Sustainable Options for domestic energy needs

By Dr Gamini Kulathunga

27 November 2021

The Dilemma of Sustainable Consumption & Biogas Systems:Perspectives from Sri Lanka

By Dr.Sampath Wahala

27 October 2021

Standardisation and certification : A key element of scp

By Dr.Sampath Wahala

27 September 2021

Towards Hydrogen Economy

By Mr. Nimal Perera

27 July 2021

Fortune in the Drain - The Use, Abuse and Misuse of Resources Leading to Unsustainable Consumption

By Eng. Sena Peiris


Scp sustainable consumpion and production life

By Gamini Senanayake

27 May 2021

Towards a responsible waste management

By Eng. Kasun Karunanayake

23 February 2021

Clean Air and Blue Skies A mystery of the history

By Dr Tusitha Sugathapala

13 March 2021

Air Pollution and Health Effect Do we really know the gravity of the problem

By Dr Inoka Suraweera

27 March 2021

Electrification of the Transport to Save the Economy and the Environment

By Eng Parakrama Jayasinghe

27 April 2021

Non-Criteria Air Pollutants and their Actions

By Prof Parakrama Karunaratne